Find a Hobby then Find a Date

It’s been said that when you’re not looking, you’ll find someone. This is sorta true. You should be open to finding someone, but don’t overwhelm yourself with needing to be coupled otherwise you’ll become desperate. That desperation has a scent and it usually tells the opposite sex to run away!

What does a hobby have to do with finding a date? When you feel fulfilled in other areas of your life, you not only seem more desirable, but you’re not being led by feelings of loneliness and you can make smart decisions when finding a mate. When some people feel lonely they may date just about anybody so not to be alone. By comparison, when a person doesn’t need someone to complete them, they can find someone who compliments them.

Check out singles mixers events for professionals who want to date offline.

Can’t catfish a speed dater!

Don’t Google your Date

Bring Your Ex or Wingman of the Opposite Sex

Get offline and meet someone face to face at this singles event in Los Angeles. FastFirstDates is teaming up with local startups to bring you “Bring Your Ex or Wingman of the Opposite Sex” singles event. The idea is this: If you and your ex are on good speaking terms, chances are you both are cool and easy going. You may not have worked out as a couple, but it’s okay. Bring your ex anyway and see who else you may mesh with. We opened it up to “Wingman of the Opposite sex” in case you can’t find an ex to bring.

To break the ice, we have teamed up with BuffaloGames to bring you a board games to play during the night. Let your competitive nature out as you play games and mingle with the cute single across the way.

Who Are the Startups?
Michelle of Michelle365Dates is writing a book and producing a documentary about her going on 365 dates in one year, turning being single into a positive, proactive experience while going on “documentary” dates to share guy’s stories and “attraction” dates to hopefully lead to a relationship.

Alex Capecelatro created AtThePool which connects members based on similar interests. Each day members are introduced to a new person based on “pools,” which are shared interests like biking, hiking, foodies, cycling, etc. Like a host of a party, AtThePool introduces you to someone you share common interests with and will get along.

Neal Bloom is the co-founder of ThePortfolium. The site is an interactive platform for students and professionals to visually showcase their work, knowledge and experiences to employers, family, friends, and like-minded peers for relevant feedback, collaboration and opportunities.

The event starts at 7:30pm April 17 at South in Santa Monica and ticket prices are only $10.

Register here

Board games:

Can’t Catfish a Speed Dater

Catfishing is in the news lately. It’s the act of deceiving someone you meet online by portraying yourself to be someone you’re not. It’s fairly easy to be duped online and many people carry on relationships with a person who’s not at all who they describe. Catfishers can create an entirely fake profile online and build a complete life story and invent a character.

Speed Dating or Singles Mixers Have No Room For Catfishing!
Thankfully with speed dating and singles mixers you meet people in person. They don’t have a chance to deceive you with a fake profile. What you see is what you get.

Additionally, you’re able to get a vibe off the person with the initial meeting. Often what happens with online dating is you may have a good connection online, but chemistry falls flat when you meet in person. With speed dating or mixers you get a sense of the chemistry right away. You’re able to look for compatibility within a person to person meeting. You grow your relationship organically from the start.

Of course, like with dating anybody, use your common sense. If a lot of things don’t add up, there’s probably a reason why. But, meeting in person right away leaves less room to be fooled.

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening. For some ideas on your first event, look here for speed dating questions.

Don’t Google Your Date

You have a date lined up, but you’re curious. What is he/she like? You’re conflicted. Should you google or not? The simple answer is: Nope! Don’t do it.

In the time where information is at the tips of our fingers, dating has gone through some social shifts. People pre-google their dates and create an impression about the person before actually meeting. The fun in dating is getting to know each other organically to see how well you click.

Keep your eyes open when you’re dating and listen to your intuition. See how well you and your date vibe with each other. Keep a positive attitude during your date and look for things you share in common and also keep an open mind for trying new things. Maybe you each can teach other something new!

Don’t pre-judge, go with the flow, and happy Fast Dating!

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

Valentine’s Day Dating Contest

Michelle of Michelle365Dates and Lailah of FastFirstDates are hosting a 36.5 hour dating competition on Valentine’s Day. We are searching for the dating competitors of 2013 who want to have fun on Valentine’s day instead of pouting about being single. We want this Valentine’s Day to be unique so we’re challenging you to get creative with the type of dates you go on to be crowned a Dating Champion! We’re giving away a free hotel stay and other perks to Vegas to the winner!

We are two young 30-somethings who both grew up in LA. We came up with this because while Michelle of Michelle365Dates enjoys aspects of being single, she’s open for the right relationship to come along in an organic and probably unexpected way. She’s doing it by going on 365 dates. She started her journey January 1, 2012 and has been going on “documentary” dates via Skype with a 70 year old, for example, to share his story and “attraction” dates to lead to something more.

Lailah with her FastFirstDates company holds speed dating and singles mixers for professionals and believes the best way to find your unique match is to put yourself out there and date – even if only for 6 minutes at a time! FastFirstDates knows you’re busy, but with a little bit of effort and desire you can find your perfect relationship.

We decided to combine our philosophies and come up with a contest that would encourage the same. Ten contestants will schedule as many dates as they can for Valentine’s Day using both online and offline methods.

Many will apply and Michelle and Lailah will do a random drawing and select only 10 entries. In hopes of keeping the contest fair the age range for qualified contestants is 26-36.

How To Register

  1. To enter the contest you must “like” FastFirstDates and Michelle365Dates on Facebook.
  2. Send Michelle a private message on FB with the following information:
    Your Name
    Your Age
    Phone Number (optional)
    Email Address
    Quick bio about yourself (Why do you think you’ll win? What advantage do you have? What do you love about dating? Or anything else that gives us some insight into who you are).
    Provide a photo (optional)

  3. Deadline for registration is February 12th at 9pm!

    We will email everyone by 12 midnight on February 12 to announce the 10 contestants. At 6pm on February 13, the 10 contestants along with Lailah and Michelle will meet on Oovoo (Free online video chat) for introductions and to go over rules and guidelines. Don’t worry, they’re not too hard! After our meeting you can begin scheduling your dates!

    Contest Winner Announced:
    Everyone will meet on Oovoo at 4pm on Saturday February, 16th to announce the winner of the contest.

    Hurry and submit your entries!

    Good luck!

    Facebook Page: FastFirstDates
    Twitter @FastFirstDates
    Meetup: Professionals-Singles-Events-and-Speed-Dating- Los Angeles
    Professionals-Singles-Events-and-Speed-Dating-25-45- Inland Empire

    Facebook Profile: Michelle ThreesixtyFiveDates
    Page: Michelle365Dates
    Twitter @Mich365Dates
    Meetup: 365-Dates-in-Los-Angeles

    FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

Speed Dating Rules

Before you join a speed dating event, make sure you read these speed dating rules! Okay, so nothing major will happen if you attend an event without reading, but I’ll go over some speed dating etiquette anyway since it’s best to be prepared.

How Speed Dating Works
First, I’ll give a brief on how speed dating works. Women are remain seated and men rotate every 6 minutes. Everyone is given match cards to write down whether or not they’d like to see the person again. Two “yesses” are considered a match and contact information between the matches are exchanged the following day. Speed dating is a great way to meet someone special without the pressure. Read up more on that here.

Speed Dating Advice

  • It’s just speed dating. One of the best bits of advice I can give is to not take yourself too seriously and go in and have fun. You may meet your husband/wife that night, a long time companion, a short time companion, or friend. Think of it as an adventure in dating with endless possibilities so be generous with your “yesses.”

    Keep in mind that people may be a bit nervous so don’t be so fast to circle “no” and brush off the person. You have 6 minutes to make an impression and determine if you’d like to have a second date. That’s all it is. Do you want a second date to learn more about that person. If you want lasting love it’s best to date for a while to see how you two mesh in life.

  • Dress well. It’s a first date after all – well, many first dates! Look good so that you feel good.
  • Keep it Light. While you may want to know as much as you can about your date in the 6 minutes you have, leave the deep questions for your second date. Take the first date to laugh with each other and keep things light. Check this post for a few speed dating questions to get you through the night.
  • Return Your Emails or Phone Calls. Yes, you’re busy which may make dating a bit hard, but if you make an effort with dating you will reap benefits like lasting love! You will receive the contact information for your matches the next day. Email your matches and set up a second date! If they beat you to the punch and email you first, respond. You liked them enough to circle “yes” the night of speed dating so be nice and respond when they reach out.

Speed Dating Rules

  • No Winos. Don’t overdo it on the alcohol! For one, you want to be able to make sound judgements and being under the influence will make you less likely to make smart choices. Read here for speed dating safety tips. Also, a drunk on a first date isn’t very sexy.
  • Keep it Moving. When the host announces to the men that it’s time to rotate don’t take your time. Quickly end your conversation and move on to the next date. The longer you spend chatting up with your current date (even if she’s absolutely amazing) the less time you have with your next date. If you’re a match you’ll have her contact information the next day anyway.
  • Don’t Make it Awkward. Don’t ask for contact information during your dates. You don’t want to put anybody in an awkward situation. If you both want a second date, chances are you will both circle “yes” and you’ll get each other’s info the next day.

Those were some speed dating rules and advice so that your night out is fun and fulfilling! Keep an open mind and enjoy yourself.

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

Speed Dating Questions

If you’re new to the whole speed dating or singles mixer scene you may be a bit bashful or unsure of what to expect. Just be yourself. Seriously. And, it won’t hurt to have a few great speed dating questions in mind during your dates…just in case!

With speed dating, you only have 6 minutes per date and you might bore yourself asking the same questions to each date. Mix it up a bit for some fun and get creative with your questions. Don’t take yourself too seriously and let loose. Remember that daters may be a bit shy so don’t be so quick to circle “no” on the matchcards. Give them a second date to give it their best!

Here are a few good speed dating questions to ask:

Get To Know Your Date

  • What do you do?
  • What do you like most or least about your career?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What’s your dream career?
  • What’s your favorite city?
  • What’s your favorite food/dish?
  • What is your favorite alcoholic drink? (Beer, hard liquor, wine)
  • What’s your favorite vacation spot?
  • What music genre is your favorite?

Fun Speed Dating Questions

  • What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  • What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?
  • You’re deserted on an island – what 3 things would you take?
  • If there was to be a book written about your life, what would the tagline be?
  • Sum up your personality in 5 words or less
  • What’s one food you couldn’t live without?
  • What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
  • If you could live one day as an animal, what animal would it be?
  • What’s the last movie that made you cry or tear up?
  • What’s your weirdest quirk?
  • What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Funny Speed Dating Questions

  • What’s the cheesiest pick up line you ever said or been told (depends on whether you’re asking a female or male)?
  • What’s your favorite knock knock or other corny joke?
  • Name one embarrassing thing you’ve done
  • What’s the most awkward situation that ever happened on a date?
  • If you were given a super power what would it be and what would you do with it?

Those were a few speed dating questions you can try at your next event. Remember, speed dating and singles mixers are completely fun so go in it with an open mind and carefree attitude. You’ll be glad you did!

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

One Girl’s Quest to Find Love

Michelle 365 Dates

I love stories on dating and of people searching for that special someone. I came across Michelle from Michelle365Dates and found her story quite interesting. She’s a sporty Capricorn on a quest to find love and doing it in a very proactive way – by going on 365 dates in a year! She asks men on dates and has great luck meeting them just about everywhere. She’s tried speed dating since it’s a perfect way to meet many interesting men in one night and is expecting to join more events apart from finding dates elsewhere.

Let me start by painting a picture of Michelle. She works in documentary film and social media/branding for companies. She’s adventurous and a curiosity seeker who loves great food cooked by others or from restaurants. (I love this!) She isn’t restricted by limits and will step outside her comfort zone and seeks answers in order to continue to grow as a person daily.

I asked her a few questions about her journey.

1. What prompted you to make this goal of 365 dates? Was it a bad date experience?
I started 365 dates because I was dating a guy towards the end of 2011 and we broke it off since he was moving to the East Coast for a job; however I don’t feel we were a long-term match anyway, but I never would have known for sure. It wasn’t him specifically that prompted this journey; it was dating and not dating; seeing friends get coupled up in long-term relationships, seeing folks on Facebook with whom I grew up with getting married. While I don’t know if marriage is for me or not, and it is about the process, not the end result, those devilish thoughts of being alone for the rest of my life entered my mind.

So I wanted to be positive and proactive and have fun dating instead of pouting, being sad and frustrated about breaking up and being single. I wanted to go on “documentary” dates where I would ask any man of interest out – if I was interested in their story, in their point of view, in who they were, so anyone ranging from the guy who works at the Glendale Landfill, to a Skype date with a 70 year old to a valet parking attendant.

Then I wanted to ask out potential “attraction” dates – ones who could possibly lead to more dating and seeing what happens organically and then to be in a relationship eventually (even though the guys I liked during this journey did know about the 365 dates and that is an entire other answer in terms of their responses, whether it hindered them from further dating me, intrigued them just for one date or didn’t matter).

I went on a blind date at the restaurant Opaque in Santa Monica, where you dine in pitch black and the wait staff is visually impaired. I had no idea what my date looked like, nor I to him, until the very end of the date outside the restaurant. He was cute and very different from what I thought he was going to look like – he was Jewish with glasses and brown hair. I thought he was going to be bald, larger and a red head because things he said during dinner reminded me of this guy with this physical description whom I dated at the end of 2010. We did not go on a second date, as neither one of us ever asked. He wished me luck on my journey at the end, so he may have just seen it as a project, experiment, etc. I paid for our dinners – each $100. Most of these other dates the guys have paid, although I always offer.

2. What “rules” have you made for yourself during this journey? (Only date this type of man…avoid this type…etc? Only light petting!! hahah)

Your light petting question is hilarious. I didn’t make too many rules other than some of them would be “documentary” dates and others “attraction” dates, as mentioned above. I allowed myself to go on multiple dates with the same guy, as that is another component of what dating is, especially if I want to be in a relationship, of course. I allowed for speed dating on two separate nights. I allowed a Skype date to count. I was committed to going on 365 dates, whether that meant doubling up on some days, once again – a speed date night here and there and as much as possible to go out every night.

3. What have you learned so far from your dating experience?
I have learned to have a backup plan. If a guy doesn’t like me and I like him, I am sad and frustrated, but telling myself I just have another date to go on tomorrow, helps a lot. I have learned that the definition of dating may be not finding a match. Dating should be taken loosely, to have a good time first and foremost. To have fun with one another, according to a high school classmate who recently got engaged. He says he may not know what love is exactly, but he has tons of fun when he is with his fiance.

I have learned to be more emotional and that guys are sensitive too. I haven’t quite learned how to be entirely vulnerable yet again. I have learned about many facts due to all the knowledge each date has based on their world, hobbies or what they do for a living.

I have learned to hold myself at bay – if I like a guy (as I presently do) I need to chill, let him initiate a bit but give a push and pull; not to be too eager in the beginning but just flirt and show him I am interested, but not too interested. Nobody wants that person who asks at the end of the first date – so how do you feel about me – are we just friends or is there possibility for something more? (I had this asked of me, so it provides for an example of being organic and letting time go by is best. One way to do that is by going on 365 dates.

4. What advice can you pass along to other men or women in the dating scene who are looking for love?
My advice is just date as much as you can, even if you don’t think you like the guy – someone you meet online for example, but if you are preoccupied and busy when you like a guy, you will be less eager and needy. Suppressing expectations early on in dating is the hardest thing. The more you can do this, the more you will enjoy the waiting game to see if he will call or if she will respond.

I have no idea what love is – I would never look for it. Good friends of mine – a couple with a two year old – say that guys don’t want to be in a relationship; they just happen to find themselves in them. If they meet the right girl, it just happens – they don’t say from the beginning they want to be in a relationship. (Yes literally some guys do say this from the very first date, but I think it can be a turn off because it is focusing on the end result, rather than the process.) So for 365 yes I want to be in a relationship, but that is in print and in my mind, not in my verbal communication when dating.

5. What feedback have you received from either men or women about your journey? What do you say to them?
Some of my critics say: Well, then you don’t have time to really get to know someone and form a connection. My response is: I do allow for multiple dates with the same guy, as I do want to be in a relationship. Some guys have known about the 365 and some guys have not – I then have told them later, after the first date. Some have responded that it’s cool but we didn’t go out again; some have responded that they are not a lab rat or a monkey; others have said it didn’t affect them asking me to go out again – we did go out again in other words. One or two people said they didn’t just want to be a number, but for the most part every guy I have asked out has been supportive, intrigued or interested in a genuine date to the best of my knowledge.

For the naysayers, I say you are not just a number to me because I like to get to know people’s stories and I see each person as an individual. There is not much else I can honestly say because they know I’m going on 365 dates and inherent in that is the idea that I will just be going on another one to them, but I love each date and each new person, restaurant and / or exploration if we will work chemistry-wise or not (for those non “documentary” dates.)

6. What are you looking for in a mate?
I just realized today that because I think a lot, I explore and try to figure out answers to the way life works and aspects within it and because I may over analyze, it may be ideal to be with someone who does not think as much and someone who is present and reminds me to be. I’d like someone who can teach me to separate life and work – to enjoy and play hard. I do play hard – I wake board and ski and travel, but in daily life, I always push forward, career wise.

I would love someone who is curious about the world around them, who jokes, who does know how to challenge the status quo and who is adventurous – who is not afraid to go to a new place, to do physical, outdoor activities. I recently was granted a surprise date where I knew nothing ahead of time – nothing about what we were going to do. It ended up being an all day kayaking venture in Malibu; he made lunch from his garden, played guitar on the beach. It was so refreshing to be taken out, but also in a way overwhelming. I have asked most of the guys out on dates and planned the dates so this was a nice change. For a first date it was a great story but maybe spending all day with someone is better for a later date. It was with a guy I had already known a bit, but never hung out with him before one on one. He had a huge heart and a lot of insight into planning. He is a very creative and out of the box thinker – all of which I do appreciate in a guy.

Dating is fun and one important lesson we can learn from Michelle is to be open and ready for love. Try new things and be open to dating different types of people you normally may not date. Also, don’t google them prior to your date. Sure, Facebook stalking is the next biggest thing, but don’t. Come into your date without any preconceived notions. Oh, and speed dating and singles mixers are a great way to meet a whole lot of people at once!

She throws monthly fun parties for singles or couples which are usually themed around dating. She has one event at Busby’s in LA on January 17. Check it out here.

For more information on Michelle check out these sites:

LA Times Article

Jewish Journal

Work Stew Podcast

Dating for Professionals- Speed Dating and Mixers

Professional Singles Speed Dating and Mixers

People like dating people with similar interests, goals, and lifestyles. But, what are some awesome dating events for professionals? Many singles have attempted online dating and of course meeting singles at bars, but I find that the most effective way to meet compatible singles is through speed dating or mixers for professionals. Here are five great reasons why speed dating and mixers for professionals is amazing:

  1. No tricking you through a nice picture: We’ve all been in that situation. You see someone who’s exceptionally attractive on their online dating profile picture, but then you meet in person. Hm. Not so pretty now eh? With speed dating and mixers for professionals you see them face to face right away.
  2. Online chemistry isn’t offline chemistry: You meet someone online and you find that you have great chemistry, but offline is something entirely different. With speed dating you get a few minutes to determine right away if you have chemistry.
  3. Niche Dating: The problem with other speed dating companies or mixers event like Stir is that it’s a hodgepodge of all singles from every lifestyle imaginable. FastFirstDates focuses on dating for professionals so you’re sure to meet people who share the same goals as you.
  4. No Pressure Dating: When you join a speed dating or mixer event you know everyone in attendance is looking for the same thing – to meet someone special! The next step is to smile, be open, and chat with other single professionals so you meet the right person.
  5. Dating for Professionals means they “get you:” More and more women are building their careers first before settling down. Professional men love women who are independent and intelligent. Weed out the other less focused singles by going straight to an event for single professionals only. You’ll be better off!

What are you waiting for? Look for speed dating and mixers for professionals in your area!

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company exclusively for professional singles. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

Professionals Speed Dating

Your time is money and you only have a limited amount of time to spare away from your busy career to find love. Thankfully, we have Professionals Speed Dating! You know when you’re going to either a professionals speed dating event or a professionals mixer event that everyone there will have the same lifestyle as you. You’ll both be on the same page when it comes to career. You’ll both understand that it takes a certain type of person to have a successful career or business and whomever you date will appreciate it.

When you go to a bar it’s completely hit or miss. You can meet someone awesome or not. Most times you won’t find anybody of quality. The chances are higher you’ll meet someone amazing at a professionals speed dating event. What’s better is that you’ll be able to meet plenty of singles in just a few hours. You’ll be bound to meet someone interesting that you have chemistry with.

That brings me to my next point. Online dating versus speed dating. With online dating you can spend hours surfing the site and exchanging emails and you may never get to a date. Or, if you do go on a date you quickly realize that your have more chemistry online or over the phone. With professionals speed dating you’ll figure out if you have chemistry right off the bat. Even better news is the first date is already out of the way. Use your next date to get to know the person on a deeper level. You never know where it’ll go!

FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.