Valentine’s Day Dating Contest

Michelle of Michelle365Dates and Lailah of FastFirstDates are hosting a 36.5 hour dating competition on Valentine’s Day. We are searching for the dating competitors of 2013 who want to have fun on Valentine’s day instead of pouting about being single. We want this Valentine’s Day to be unique so we’re challenging you to get creative with the type of dates you go on to be crowned a Dating Champion! We’re giving away a free hotel stay and other perks to Vegas to the winner!

We are two young 30-somethings who both grew up in LA. We came up with this because while Michelle of Michelle365Dates enjoys aspects of being single, she’s open for the right relationship to come along in an organic and probably unexpected way. She’s doing it by going on 365 dates. She started her journey January 1, 2012 and has been going on “documentary” dates via Skype with a 70 year old, for example, to share his story and “attraction” dates to lead to something more.

Lailah with her FastFirstDates company holds speed dating and singles mixers for professionals and believes the best way to find your unique match is to put yourself out there and date – even if only for 6 minutes at a time! FastFirstDates knows you’re busy, but with a little bit of effort and desire you can find your perfect relationship.

We decided to combine our philosophies and come up with a contest that would encourage the same. Ten contestants will schedule as many dates as they can for Valentine’s Day using both online and offline methods.

Many will apply and Michelle and Lailah will do a random drawing and select only 10 entries. In hopes of keeping the contest fair the age range for qualified contestants is 26-36.

How To Register

  1. To enter the contest you must “like” FastFirstDates and Michelle365Dates on Facebook.
  2. Send Michelle a private message on FB with the following information:
    Your Name
    Your Age
    Phone Number (optional)
    Email Address
    Quick bio about yourself (Why do you think you’ll win? What advantage do you have? What do you love about dating? Or anything else that gives us some insight into who you are).
    Provide a photo (optional)

  3. Deadline for registration is February 12th at 9pm!

    We will email everyone by 12 midnight on February 12 to announce the 10 contestants. At 6pm on February 13, the 10 contestants along with Lailah and Michelle will meet on Oovoo (Free online video chat) for introductions and to go over rules and guidelines. Don’t worry, they’re not too hard! After our meeting you can begin scheduling your dates!

    Contest Winner Announced:
    Everyone will meet on Oovoo at 4pm on Saturday February, 16th to announce the winner of the contest.

    Hurry and submit your entries!

    Good luck!

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    FastFirstDates is a speed dating and singles events company where you can meet single professionals. Find someone with the same lifestyle and interests as you while speed dating in the afternoon sipping on coffee or join speed dating and singles events in the evening.

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