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Atheist Dating

When it comes to compatibility in dating some things you just can’t compromise. That’s why we have atheist dating. It would be easy if we could ignore religion in our relationships, but most of the time we can’t.  If your partner expects you to go to church every Sunday when you’d rather do anything else, your relationship may be short lived.  Eliminate the fights and stress and just find yourself a single atheist.


At FastFirstDates we understand that opposites may attract, but it’s when you agree on the important issues your attraction will last.  We focus on having a wide range of categories to satisfy the many needs of daters out there. 


Religion and finance among other issues are some of the top 10 causes of divorce or relationship break ups.  If you’ve ever dated someone of a different religion you know what I’m talking about.  How will you two raise the kids? How will you celebrate religious holidays? Will your religious partner get upset if you, as an atheist, don’t believe in the importance of the day?


If you’re atheist and prefer to date someone with the same beliefs or shall I say, lack of, then join an atheist dating speed dating event in your city! You know immediately that everyone there has the same core value. Now all you have to do is start up a conversation and see who clicks!

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