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Singles Parties

Singles Parties-If you’re in a relationship, you’re not allowed!


Don’t you hate it when you spot a hot woman at a bar, you approach her and she says, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”


The same sort of thing happens to women. You see a group of hot guys and pick the one you really like. You’re in flirt mode and start to make your way closer so that you’re in his view. He takes a sip of his drink when you see it…the wedding ring! Urgghhh Why didn’t he just stay home?!


We hate those moments too and that’s why we’ve created Singles Parties.  Only the available are allowed to enter. 


Our singles parties are themed and some of which include: lingerie singles parties, scavenger hunt, singles vacation trips, and so much more.


Gather your single friends and check out the next upcoming singles parties in your city.

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